Hawaiian Legacy Foundation Ho'okupu Project

Eddie and Myrna Kamae have already completed a series of nine award-winning films. They are part of the continuing Hawaiian Legacy Series and were released between 1988 and 2007. They have shared them with over 500,000 school children and with more than ten million adults through film festivals and prime-time television broadcasts nationwide.

E ho‘omau a malama i ka‘oia i‘o no na hanauna, ‘a‘ole no keia manawa wale no aka no keia mua a‘e. Continue to preserve the truth, not only for this time but for future generations."

Other documentaries in the Series will be available in the near future. Your contribution to The Hawaiian Legacy Foundation can help make that happen.

The videotapes containing these uniquely Hawaiian rhythms, songs and stories are fragile and deserve to be preserved. Click here to learn about the on-going archive project.

I do it for the children. They are the future of Hawai‘i. I want them to know the sights, sounds and voices of authentic Hawaiian culture.” Eddie Kamae